I've just been on holiday to a Mediterranean resort despoiled by British tourism, and I must say it is useful to be able to speak German and thereby pretend not to be part of the problem. It seems I'm not the only one jetting off to sunnier climes: two police officers have just been to Faliraki and are blaming the media for the trouble caused by young British louts.

This is disturbing. We shouldn't have to put up with hearing the social views of the people who are supposed to be enforcing the law. Next time you're arrested for using insulting words to a police officer, ask yourself whether he/she has perhaps been watching too much of the "wrong" sort of TV recently.

Do we give powers of arrest and detention to literary critics and social commentators? No, of course we don't. Representatives of tour operators in Greece are being harrassed with arrest by Greek police. They haven't committed any crime; they're just doing stuff the police don't like, so they get locked up for a little bit until they stop. I wonder what Greek TV is like. If British police should be doing anything with regard to Faliraki, it should be reducating Greek police about the rule of law, not telling holidaymakers how to live their lives.