.. but it's the middle of November. We had mince pies (and almost mulled wine) at the Flanders, Swann and Lehrer party on Friday (from whose lyrics the title of this entry is taken).

Today in the centre of Cambridge a ghastly premature Christmas songs/carols event took place at the Guildhall, attracting a small crowd. No-one really seemed to be enjoying themselves; people were just hanging around checking out the other people and wondering why on earth there was an American police choir singing Christmas songs in the middle of town - it wasn't clear whether this was the "switch on the lights" ceremony or a fundraiser or what. That someone who seemed to be the mayor was dancing with a character dressed as the Tin Man from Wizard of Oz did not seem to attract the derision it deserved.

It is to be hoped that a backlash against premature Christmas celebrations will kick in in a few years' time.