There's something which particularly irks me about self-serving misrepresentations of the law, particularly in the aftermath of some homicidal disaster. Whilst not being of the "would the Families Of The Victims kindly shut up already?" party, I am still very suspicious of the sorts of statements which grief can slip past the media.

Take this for example. The survivor of a terrorist attack (the Soho nailbomber, who wanted to provoke a crackdown) has just been murdered, and his homosexuality may have been an element of the motives of the thugs who slaughtered him. This has induced some calls for more scrutiny of the lyrics of certain anti-gay reggae music. In the middle of the BBC article, a spokesman for OutRage! has managed to smuggle this little gem into the public sphere: "It is illegal to incite hatred against a minority group".


It is illegal to incite violence against a minority, or indeed against anyone. It is illegal to incite racial hatred, whether against a minority or majority "race". This guy should get a job as a professional misrepresenter of the rules we are expected to obey, perhaps as a train conductor for WAGN.

The most extreme version of this nonsense which has ever been uttered to my face is from a colleague of mine. Clearly not content with falsely and pejoratively labelling me a WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant), she proceeded to assert her belief that it was legal or moral for ethnic minorities to commit acts of violence against members of ethnic majorities in the UK. I have never willingly spoken to her since.