Last year Barclays tried to force me to use a PINsentry gadget to access my online banking. This means having to have the object with me when using online banking, which is functionally equivalent to not using online banking as I'm hardly going to take it with me wherever I go.

There are other reasons for not using the thing (finger grease buildup will eventually identify the digits which are members of the PIN, significantly reducing the search space, inter alia), but they don't matter too much because Barclays relented and let those who could navigate their way between three call centres opt out and only be required to use PINsentry when creating new payees. New payees could be created via Telephone Banking; I tried this and it worked.

Until this week.

Barclays have revoked the ability to create new payees for Online banking via Telephone Banking where a payment is not being made simultaneously; and even when you ask them to do so whilst simultaneously making a payment, they sometimes fail to. After wasting some time dealing with that repulsive bureaucratic mindset which is incapable of distinguishing between law, current practice, physical possibility, et c., I had them make a one pound payment to my desired payee two weeks in the future, and then cancelled it. The payee remains unperturbed on my Online banking payee list and the smugness market is quoted as firm.

I'm sure a younger me would not have accepted a trivial workaround after being misled or lied to.