A few months ago I went to considerable effort to convert my blog, which had run on software I'd written myself, to Wordpress.

It turned that Wordpress is utter rubbish for what I want it to do.

I want to compose blog posts in a text editor, and then publish them. To a first approximation, you can't do this in Wordpress without corrupting the blog post.

Wordpress inherits PHP's inability to process text without messing something up. In this case, the XMLRPC interface declines to cope with embedded HTML in the submitted text. I have therefore been reduced to trying to cut and paste the article into Wordpress's web-based interface. This interface allows you to edit rendered and raw HTML. It overrides the OS's default cut-and-paste method to prevent you pasting text into the rendered editor, and strips the HTML out of the raw editor. You can upload files, but only media files, not text.

I adopted Wordpress to get support for captchas once my homegrown one got beaten by spam bots, and to implement Trackback/Pingback. It looks like it's time to move on again.

Updated: I managed to post a new article by, get this, using Chrome to edit the raw HTML of the editor window in Wordpress's interface, and pasting in the text from Emacs. Justice.