No War For Oil?


Where are the rent-a-mob folks who were claiming the NATO intervention in Kosovo was motivated by oil pipelines, rather than an attempt to impede the sexist, racist, sectarian and agist practice of only slaughtering male Kosovar Albanian Muslims of fighting age, which discrimination they would doubtless oppose were it practised by a Western capitalist democracy with reasonable social welfare provision? Haven't they got slightly better evidence that the war between Russian and Georgia is a "War For Oil", not that it is?

Maybe they have identified Russia's motives in intevening as exclusively humanitarian in character and incapable of leading to widespread post-war conflict or disorder, in which case one might ask how many of them also opposed the 2003 invasion of Iraq?

Multi-function ID cards


Clubs in Fulham have started trying to get people to hand over photo ID before they can enter. I never do since I don't see the point and have no photo ID other than my passports, which I'd prefer to leave at home.

Governments have tried to force ID cards on people, and often claim that they'd be useful by combining lots of functions onto one card (others see this as a drawback). A very useful function which could be combined onto such a card would be a Data Protection Act subject access request.

Print a DPA subject access request onto a business card, stick it to the back of your ID card, then hand it over to the bouncer with a ten pound note, smile, and say "You have forty days to comply". De-risking this tactic should prove an entertaining challenge for the nightclubs which cravenly given in to whoever is encouraging them to ID people.

Takedown robustness


Harry's Place, a controversial left-wing blog, was the victim of a spurious takedown request recently, and had to move ISP. There ought to be a civil action you can bring against someone who makes a baseless takedown request, and a central register of such persons should be established, such that it becomes possible to debar repeat offenders from vexatious takedown activity, the way there is with vexatious litigants.

ISPs should establish a logo they can put on their websites to demonstrate a commitment to resisting spurious takedowns.