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2013-07-08Aliens don't crash land
2013-07-01The stakes of the EU debate just got a lot lower
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2013-05-11A UK refererendum ... on the EU's Patent Court?
2013-04-30Science is not Maths
2013-04-22How little does the word "based" mean?
2013-03-08Software continues to overwhelm judiciary and legislators
2013-03-06Unflattering photos of Nigel Farage now licit
2013-03-05Let's re-criminalise bicycle theft in London
2013-03-04Do legislators still know enough to reform legislatures?
2013-03-02Intellectual debt
2013-02-11Coordination costs and EU integration
2013-01-14The Internet has fallen apart
2012-11-16The Crown Prosecution Service and the black market for personal data
2012-10-24Are Dark Forces redefining trolling?
2012-10-24Wordpress is much more dreadful than I thought
2012-10-11Is international democracy possible? Or EU democracy?
2012-10-06Sikorski on European integration
2012-07-15Project Ronald, source code available
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2012-07-09Interdisciplinary humour
2012-06-25Scaling across data types
2012-06-24Does it mean anything to favour European integration only in the abstract?
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2012-05-09Crowdsourcing policy analysis
2012-05-05In praise of .. personal websites
2012-04-15Principles, underpinning, near meaninglessness
2012-04-10Do unresolved constitutional issues warp politics?
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2012-04-05If Borges had been into static typing
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2011-12-20A different sort of how to vote
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2011-09-24You can't ban a political party
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2011-08-16What is a constitution?
2011-07-08Citizen-initiated legislation under the Westminster system
2011-03-28Will the EU collapse?
2010-12-13Wikileaks could have been worse
2010-09-26Markets rigged?
2010-08-01September is finally over
2010-01-20When the Toad came home
2009-10-18Happy anniversary?
2009-06-19We Have Always Been At War With The Social Democrats
2009-06-15How much ratification is enough these days?
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2008-08-13No War For Oil?
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2008-06-24Pointless pulp-tarnishers, cont'd
2008-06-20That small nations might be free
2008-05-13The private smoking ban
2008-04-27Underground Warfare
2008-04-01Microsoft OOXML elected president of Zimbabwe
2008-03-24Unpacking "identity"
2008-03-24Accuracy of Wikipedia
2008-02-21Get your moon on
2007-11-24Australian election won by psephologists
2007-11-03Banning Christmas
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2007-10-07Ukrainian electoral geography
2007-09-14Preventing choice over EU constitutional design
2007-09-12Communist demands totalitarian surveillance measure
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2007-06-25The Cost of Leaving the EU
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2006-01-18How to lose Thirty Kilogrammes
2005-11-24The Man Tax Cometh
2005-11-10Measuring Parliamentary Scrutiny
2005-11-06Misplaced collective responsibility
2005-11-03Responsiveness of EU institutions
2005-10-13Freedom of Association, further developments
2005-10-13New Labour's ID Cards and Racism
2005-10-07Specific problems with the EU (a draft)
2005-10-05Registering unincorporated associations
2005-10-03Freedom of Association, in Practice
2005-09-27EU regulation of non-profit sector
2005-09-22Regulating Freedom of Association
2005-04-26Saving the Subjunctive
2005-04-26Electoral Systems in the UK
2005-03-13Westminster system constitutional crises
2005-02-10EU Constitution
2004-12-07The Backup Right
2004-11-10Is, Ought and Shall
2004-11-07Overview of SCO Litigation
2004-11-07Walk through the Valley of the Rift
2004-11-07More misrepresentations
2004-11-02America calling
2004-06-13The 2004 European Parliamentary Elections
2004-06-12Keegan's First Law
2004-06-01Financial Times: "Open source should not be a free-for-all"
2004-04-18A referendum on the EU constitution?
2004-03-25Not Pro-War, Just Anti-Anti-War
2004-03-11Rebutting the Labour spokesman on IPR Enforcement Directive activism
2004-02-27Shame on the elderly tax protestors
2004-01-29Unworkable European Constitutional Revolution Proposed
2003-12-03There And Back Again
2003-11-20Bored Photographer Spots Photogenic Protestor
2003-11-17A Supreme Court for Britain?
2003-11-16Christmas time is here by golly!
2003-11-15All This Is So
2003-11-11Demanding a "Real" Inquiry
2003-09-13To Baldly Go
2003-09-13Have you had your Fifteen Kilobytes of Fame?
2003-09-12If the UK joined the US
2003-07-22Fixing the Political Compass
2003-04-10Undermining public law copyright limitations
2003-04-10The Boycott that Could Have Been
2003-04-09Taxonomy of Internet communication systems
2003-04-09European federalism
2003-04-04You oughta Koowarta
2003-04-01Guns, Germs and Stealing
2003-04-01So here we are in sunny Swansea
2003-03-25SRCF Tooth-to-Tail
2003-03-21The War on Children continues
2003-03-19You Know You've Been Using UNIX Too Long
2003-03-12ECJ eschews Community jurisdiction over military affairs
2003-03-10Commoditisation of copyright licensing and enforcement
2003-02-26Blogs make the Internet an even less safe place for information
2003-02-23Lowering the Bar
2003-02-22The Toomey Challenge
2003-02-11Heads Out
2003-01-22Exhausting Holiday
2002-08-31The Clog Drops