I have always been broadly in favour of the moon. It is therefore unfortunate that as a result of moving to a well-lit cloudy city, I don't get to see more of it, not that much can be seen of it anyway right now from Fulham, as the moon here is currently being rebooted.

The moon of Fulham is of course of a rather different character from the sort of moon you get in other boroughs, and this is much to be welcomed. Local moons for local people, I say. The moon of Lewisham, for instance, fills me with dread, to say nothing of the politically-correct multi-coloured minor planetoid they are rumoured to have in Quislington. Apparently there are plans to consolidate the various moons into some ghastly newfangled contraption, but if Australian states can't even standardise on rail gauges what are the chances of London boroughs agreeing on orbital dynamics?

Much as I dislike acquiescing in faits accomplis, the existing lunar arrangements work well (despite the current unavailability of the moon in Fulham) and it's far too late to do anything about them now.